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Being a new adult is rife with challenges.  From being newly independent, having to make big life decisions and figuring out relationships - talk about the struggle being real.  This transitional time between adolescence and middle adulthood is so unique that it is even considered its own developmental stage.  This unique time in life calls for a uniquely experienced counselor - we're here to help!

Young adulthood is a time of rapid change.

We often don’t give credit to the stress and pain caused by change in our lives.  Change is a necessary component to living fully, to growth, to staying alive. Change happens all the time, whether or not we want it to.  Young adulthood is a time in our lives when we experience rapid and frequent change.  Some of these changes could be moving out of our parent's homes, starting college or new jobs, meeting new people and being presented with new ideas and worldviews.  All of these experiences can really shake us to the core.  

One of the most painful realities of change is that whenever we experience a transition in our lives, we are asked to let go of a part of ourselves.  Seriously, ouch.  This loss of self can create depression, anxiety and relationship challenges in our lives.  But when we are open to letting go of our past selves, we are given an opportunity to find new ways of being and fully experience our lives again.  We can open our hearts to others again, we can feel our feelings again, we can find new ways to live life as our adult selves.

How can counseling help me?

Oftentimes life issues present themselves in the form of depression, anxiety, or just a general sense of "not okay"-ness.  Many of my clients come to me reporting these issues, and through our work together we discover the roots of their difficult feelings.  These roots are often tied to difficulty finding direction and purpose in life, conflict in relationships, grief over the end of childhood/adolescence and pressures from school or work.  

I will provide you with a supportive and non-judgmental space where we can explore your past experiences, pieces of your personality and fantasies about your future.  In our time together, you will have the opportunity to confront your fears and create a more fulfilling existence.

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