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Online Therapy FAQs

Online counseling (aka online therapy, e-therapy, telehealth, video counseling) provides a more convenient way of getting support.  Sessions can be held anywhere you have internet access - at home, your office at work, the park or while traveling.  I use a video platform that is easy to access and meets HIPAA requirements (U.S. law that sets standards of confidentiality).


Does online therapy work as well as in-person therapy?

It really does!  There have been studies done to explore this very question.  The findings show that online therapy is consistently as effective (or more effective!) as in-person counseling.  I offer a free 20 minute consultation - so you can try it out before paying anything.


What if therapy doesn’t work for me?

It is unlikely that you won't get anything out of therapy.  Most of my clients begin to have "ah-ha!" moments within the first few session, and see big changes in their lives over time.  However, if you feel that progress is not happening, lets talk about what we can do differently.  I also encourage you to check in with yourself about how open you are being in therapy.  The more you put into your therapy, the more you get out of it.  It is normal to be afraid to open up.  If you are having difficulty being open with me, let me know.  I always welcome your feedback and will continually look for ways to be supportive of you in your process of change.


Will my online therapy sessions be private and confidential?

I always conduct sessions in a private space to protect your confidentiality.  Because you will not be physically located in my office, I strongly recommend you find a private space where no one can hear you.


What equipment will I need to do online therapy?

To participate in webcam based sessions, you will need a computer (or smartphone), webcam and microphone.  Some laptop computers have a webcam and microphone built-in.  Using earphones or earbuds are advised to prevent echoing sounds during our session.  You will also need to ensure your internet is working. 


Can I see you for therapy if I live in another state or outside of the U.S.?

I am currently licensed to see clients for mental health purposes who are living in New York, Texas and Florida.  I can also see individuals living outside of the U.S.


What if we get disconnected during a therapy session?

Technology is imperfect, and occasionally we may get disconnected during a session.  In the case that we are unable to connect online quickly, we will finish our session via phone.


How long will I be in therapy?

The length of time in therapy can vary from client to client, and really depends on your needs and desired outcomes.  Some people find that they are able to resolve their issues in a few months, while others prefer to continue therapy for many years.  If at any time you decide you do not want to continue therapy, I ask that you attend one last session so that we can end our time together by reviewing and honoring the progress you have made.


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